Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Post ... But before I go ....

It has become painfully obvious that I have not been able to keep up with anyone’s blog, as well as my own …. Heavy sigh. And for this I extend to you my deepest apologies. Many of you have such wonderful blogs that I have been enjoying for some time now, as well as some new ones (to me) that I have not given the deserved attention that they so greatly deserve.

Before I go, I wanted to wrap up one story that I started …. The Test Came Back Positive. The long of the short of it is, thru a girlfriend from work, I was able to meet a wonderful couple who so desperately wanted a child of their own. The three of us met one night, and I fell in love with them instantly. God did for me what I could not do for myself. Back home in San Diego, we live in the same area, have constant and regular communication, and every so often, my son by birth, will call me just to say hello. He will be 19 this year, and has graduated with scholarships. This last year he went away to Seminary School. I love him dearly.

And of course, one last tidbit of Useless Knowledge: Undertakers report that human bodies do not deteriorate as quickly as they used to. The reason, they believe, is that the modern diet contains so many preservatives that these chemicals tend to prevent the body from decomposing too rapidly after death.

It has been a pleasure to meet all of you. I am honored and surprised that you stumbled in here and then continued to stay. For this I am grateful beyond expression.

Remember, and never forget ….. Dance like nobody is looking.